Trevor Marca Simple Life Delivery

Trevor Marca, CEO of Simple Life Delivery describes why his restaurant delivery company is better for local food deliveries than the big corporate delivery companies. We find out about the Glendale area restaurants Simple Life Delivery partners with and why Simple Life Delivery employees bring your food better.


Minnie Ingersoll Ten One Ten

In this interview, Minnie Ingersoll, Partner at Ten One Ten discusses her outlook on emerging technology and speaks about some of the top editions of her podcast, LA Venture


Joe Hanks Brick City Boxing

Joe Hanks CEO and Founder of Brick City Boxing discusses the genesis of his boxing gym. Mr. Hanks explains why the sport of boxing is so rewarding for his students


Cory O’Daniel Massdriver

In this interview, Cory O’Daniel, CEO of Massdriver explains why Massdriver is a powerful solution for companies migrating their I.T. infrastructure to the cloud.


Andrew Slocum Casitas

In this interview, Andrew Slocum, Co-Founder of Casitas, explains what an ADU is and why this type of housing is important in cities all over California


Andrea Rossetto Noblessa

In this interview, Andrea Rossetto of Noblessa explains how he is paving the way for the number one custom cabinet maker in Europe to open their door for design work in Pasadena, California.

J Min Jackson

J-Min Collections & Getaway Growth

In this interview we speak with J-Min Jackson. Ms. Jackson is a world traveler having lived in Kenya and Korea and a graduate student at USC Marshall School of Business. J-Min has recently started two companies, J-Min Collections and Getaway Growth.

Gym La Crescenta - Glendale CA

PIT-FIT Pure Interval Training Fitness

Pure Interval Training Fitness or Pit-Fit had its Grand Opening in La Crescenta, CA, on June 26, 2021. After 20 years of experience as a certified personal trainer, Tawna Hutchinson opened the fitness studio. Ms. Hutchinson holds the following certifications; NASM, CPT, CES, Sports Fitness Specialist, and many others. The company creates comprehensive programs designed to meet the specific requirements of each gym member.

Pit-Fit uses a small group training format with class sizes up to ten but averaging four to five people. Each Pit-Fit client is outfitted with a specialized heart rate monitor that displays their heart rate while participating in training. In this way, the class instructors stay in constant contact with their student’s progress and can increase or decrease the student’s difficulty. Tyler Gates, a Pit-Fit trainer, relies upon a color coded cardio zone system that tracks workout intensity. His green zone runs at 70% to 80% of a trainee’s maximum heartbeat and is the fat-burning level. Mr. Gates is also a Certified Personal Trainer with 25 years of experience ranging from New York City to Los Angeles.

Pit-Fit offers a one week free trial at the studio for athletes who want a convenient workout location and novice exercisers looking to get in shape for the first time. Tawna Hutchinson, the owner, said her vision for the company is “Helping Real People Get Real Results.” The company website certainly has many examples of gym clients who have made huge improvements in their physical conditioning. Ms. Hutchinson wants to work with people who feel they aren’t necessarily built for the gym. “Anyone can do this,” she said.

Pure Interval Training Fitness
PHONE: (323) 999-4484


Lucinetic CEO & Co-Founder Olga Batygin

Olga Batygin Co-Founder & CEO of Lucinetic, describes an artificial intelligence platform that will automate the process of writing academic letters of reference. The algorithm will be procedurally superior, incorporating automatically all parts of a quite difficult process. Ultimately this technology will be adaptable to a much more varied industries that require references and reviews.

Olga Batygin Co-Founder & CEO

Best Tennis Shop Burbank CA

Sweet Spot Tennis

Sweet Spot Tennis is a fantastic tennis specialty store located in central Burbank. Jeff Ibatuan and Eugene Shin started the shop to capitalize on their collective 60 year plus years of experience in the tennis industry. Mr. Ibatuan and Shin partner on the doubles court and were eager to extend their partnership into the tennis business. Sweet Spot Tennis carries all the leading racket and tennis brands, including Head, Yonex, Wilson, Volkl, and Babolat. There is also a full selection of tennis shoes, accessories, apparel, balls, tapes, and tennis strings. There are three stringing machine stations prominently displayed at the front of the shop with a “stringing while you wait” service available.

Jeff Ibatuan actually started stringing tennis rackets in high school when he first learned to play tennis at a Manhattan Beach Country Club. When the intensity of his playing started breaking his tennis strings 6-7 times per week, the expense made his coach remark, “You better learn how to string those yourself.” With over 30 years of experience, Mr. Ibatuan is now an expert “racket technician” and highly sought after by top tennis professionals and tennis circuit competitors all over the country. He also consulted on a recent Will Smith movie in which he also served as a racket technician.

Mr. Shin and Ibatuan selected the Sweet Spot Tennis location due to its central location in relation to the Toluca Lake, Braemar, and Mulholland Country Clubs. 2529 W. Magnolia Blvd was previously a television and VCR repair store for 37 years, and those prior confused customers occasionally bring in their old VCR’s for repair. Mr. Ibatuan graciously refers them to a similar store in a different part of Burbank. The interior of Sweet Spot Tennis looks nothing like the prior VCR shop as they completely renovated the space and converted it to a contemporary tennis club atmosphere.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, tennis became widely attractive to a brand new audience. Tennis offered an opportunity for new players to get outside and exercise when gyms and other inside venues closed. Players brand new to the sport were welcomed into Sweet Spot and presented with rackets and equipment perfect for the novice player. The store stocks last year’s leading models to pass along savings over the latest and greatest types of equipment. However, Mr. Ibatuan said he also carries the top models for tennis professionals and serious enthusiasts in all his brands.

Sweet Spot Tennis is open every day except Tuesday from 10 AM to 7 PM

Sweet Spot Tennis
2529 West Magnolia Blvd