Bliss Vector: Who Says I.T. Has to be Complicated?

Bliss Vector is a Managed I.T. Services company based in Pasadena. The company prides itself on doing the initial, crucial due diligence necessary to correctly diagnose the source and nature of technology issues to more efficiently resolve the root problems facing businesses and consumers in the Pasadena and surrounding area. The principals at Bliss Vector have a wide range of experience in computer and networking technology, including Windows, Linux, networking, virtualization, cybersecurity, database administration, backups, and crypto mining PC buildouts.

The Founder and CEO of Bliss Vector is Curtis Smith. Mr. Smith has worked all over the country and traveled extensively internationally in the technology and engineering industry. He began his career in his native Oklahoma, working in Native American Gaming Machine electronics support. Curtis Smith then moved into supporting CUPPS, (common use passenger processing systems) which are the integrated software and hardware technology systems used at every major airport in the world for coordinating and managing passenger travel. While working at many of the largest airports in the country and worldwide, Mr. Smith became what is known as a Full Stack Engineer. Mastery of all these various technologies ultimately led to Curtis Smith leaving Rockwell Collins to create his first managed services provider in Southern California.


Curtis Smith was working on a large deployment at Los Angeles International Airport in wintertime and was subsequently notified that his next assignment would be at O’Hare Airport in Chicago. The thought of traveling to Chicago in the dead of winter made the allure of Pasadena and Southern California that much stronger. Mr. Smith decied to resign from the airport technology position and then created his first technology support company. After building his first venture up to a point where he could make a successful exit, Curtis Smith sold his company. After a stint at an LAX area defense contractor as I.T. Director, Curtis Smith started his second managed services provider company in Pasadena and named it Bliss Vector.

After spending time with Curtis Smith, you will be impressed with his desire to provide service. Mr. Smith genuinely wants to help companies that are experiencing difficulty with some area of their office technology. Sometimes techs need to be coached on how to listen to understand the exact nature of the technical problem the customers are reporting, according to Mr. Smith. Curtis Smith also is focused on the Pasadena community, having joined the Pasadena Jaycees. He even shared his personal goal to run for the Mayor of Pasadena in 2024.


New customers come to Bliss Vector primarily from reading reviews of the company’s past performance. Bliss Vector enjoys a happy following of existing and previous customers, and their online reviews and referrals have helped power the company’s rapid growth. For new clients, the company offers a free initial consultation and often speaks to companies moving away from other technical service providers.

Bliss Vector
1055 E Colorado Blvd. #500
Pasadena, CA 91106
(310) 975-4151

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