Miso Robotics

In Pasadena, California, a company called Miso Robotics has been working on an innovative device that can cook burgers and fries. Called the Flippy, this robotic arm and hamburger flipping mechanism is designed to take over low-skill cooking jobs with robot automation. The idea of robots taking human jobs is not new or unusual in today’s world. But what makes the Flippy different? Well first off it does both hamburger cooking and french fry frying as it covers two important tasks in the kitchen. The device costs $50,000 and Miso Robotics is already receiving orders for its robot kitchen assistant. Secondly, it doesn’t need supervision from a human because it has sensors all around its body that make sure there are no problems while it cooks food on its own!

One fast-food hamburger chain, White Castle, has already installed eleven of the Flippy devices. Nearer to home, Caliburger of Pasadena is using the Flippy in its kitchens. Two other notable early adopters of Miso Robotics technology are Major League Baseball teams; the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Arizona Diamondbacks. The company has been encountering keen interest in regard to the Flippy robot, especially from fast-food restaurants that have had difficulty finding qualified staff and are struggling with the human effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Miso Robotics is reportedly in exploratory talks with several other national burger chains interested in adopting this cost-saving technology.

Miso Robotics has already developed the next generation of the Flippy which is called the Miso ROAR (Robot on a Rail) which costs approximately half of the Flippy. The MISO Roar travels across two two fry stations while being able to access a freezer storage unit. This enables the ROAR to cook several additional foods above and beyond burgers and fries. The ROAR will cook chicken tenders cheese sticks, tater tots, corn dogs and onion rings. MISO estimates the Robot on A Rail can cook and prepare hundreds of human orders per hour based on its enhanced software, sensors, and safety cameras. The icing on the cake is the MISO ROAR’s integration with the company’s proprietary point of sale system.

The Miso Robotics team are alums from Caltech, MIT, UNC at Chapel Hill, and Carnegie Mellon.

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