PurposeLA Mens Grooming Cave

PurposeLA Mens Grooming Cave is located at a prime spot in downtown Burbank adjacent to some of the best restaurants in the area. PurposeLA opened in June 2021, right when the area was also opening due to abatement in the pandemic. This full-service men’s barbershop and salon truly have the feeling of a “man cave” with comfortable chairs, a big screen tv, and beer on tap. The men’s grooming cave feels large and comfortable with plenty of room for the foosball table in the center and the heavy punching bag in the corner.

The founders of PurposeLA Men’s Grooming Cave are Kat Avila and Jorge Romero.  Kat Avila has over three decades of experience in the fashion industry.  Jorge Romero is also highly experienced in the barber & salon industry.   Ms. Avila communicated that she wanted to combine the friendliness of a local barbershop with the culture of a true gentleman. Jorge Romero, co-owner expressed that their clientele could come into PurposeLA to be pampered with traditional barbershop services like haircuts while getting popular extras like a paraffin wax hand moisturization treatment. This staff reporter witnessed the paraffin wax hand treatment and it looked pretty cool.

Kat Avila manages two PurposeLA Grooming locations with the second studio located in Beverly Hills. When PurposeLA opened in Burbank, Kat Avila insisted that many of the most luxurious services would be carried over from the Beverly Hills studio. She said, “Every gentleman has an amazing experience.” Jorge Romero commented that many of their patrons were surprised by the availability of the steam-straight-razor shave, just like Val Kilmer got in Tombstone.

PurposeLA features their own line of organic product(s), tonics, and treatments with the line called Blessings. The line includes hair regrowth systems and organic coffee soap.

PurposeLA Mens Grooming Cave
147 N. San Fernando Blvd
Burbank, CA 91502
(818) 726-9678
Instagram _purposela_
Facebook Purpose LA

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