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MoveHer Fitness Grand Opening Celebration

MoveHer Fitness is a women’s only gym in Burbank CA that encourages women to work out together while learning strength training, self-defense, and the power of stretching and flexibility. The gym features kickboxing, strength training, and “animal flow” which is a stretching exercise sequence similar to yoga. This fitness center is located on the second floor and features a well-lit and ventilated space that is painted with a very original contemporary design. MoveHer Fitness has a large selection of kettlebell weights and kickboxing targets for the various classes. MoveHer Fitness evolved out of a dream founder April do Nascimento had when she was coaching cheerleaders as a volunteer at John Muir Middle School in Burbank. Mrs. do Nascimento envisioned a fitness center where women who had little to no experience working out could find a safe and enabling environment to work out together and learn to be physically fit for the first time. The company just started during the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic but Mrs. do Nascimento resourcefully switched the group classes to outside parking lots and local parks in Burbank like the McCambridge recreation center. April do Nascimento is a veteran of several years of kickboxing and Jiu-Jitsu training so the self-defense part of the offering comes second nature. She likes to operate the fitness center in the spirit of a women’s club where the women will meet and socialize on the weekends taking hikes in the Verdugo and surrounding mountains. MoveHer Fitness offers two membership levels with the first offering any 8 classes per month and the second-tier offering unlimited classes every month. Nutrition guides are available for new MoveHer Fitness members but the emphasis is not on weight loss but rather a holistic approach to overall health and fitness.
2006 W Burbank Blvd Suite # 200
Burbank, CA 91506
(818) 588-3144

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