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New Smile Dental Studio, Dr. Karen Martinez

Dr. Karen Martinez founded New Smile Dental Studio in October 2021 during the height of the corona virus conflagration. To build upon her expertise, Dr. Martinez had worked for 14 years at another dental corporation prior to starting her own company. Before starting New Smile Dental Studio, Dr. Martinez was thrust into the front lines of health care providers helping patients needing dental assistance during the pandemic. As she settles into managing her relatively new dental practice, Dr. Martinez simply enjoys taking care of her patients and the day to day dental procedures inherent in a growing dental concern.

After graduating from dental school in 2007, Dr. Karen Martinez was initially content as an employee of a dental corporation. She saw a large number of patients and honed her craft doing implants, root canals, extractions, and placing crowns. Even though she was confronted by a significant daily communte, the work sustained her and Dr. Martinez thrived in her growing ability to treat and heal her patients. Over time as her knowledge and experience grew, Dr. Martinez began to realize her professional opinion would sometime diverge from that of her corporate employer. In this divergence grew her idea and motivation to become an entrepreneur and start what would become New Smile Dental Studio.

Then in early 2020, the covid-19 pandemic hit. Remarkably, Dr. Karen Martinez never took a break from seeing patients throughout the entire transpiring of the pandemic. Dr. Martinez was so dedicated to her patients that she took considerable personal risk to continue working for her prior dental corporation, even at times when the health authorities were advising a total shut-down. Dr. Martinez said “I didn’t realize how much people needed dentistry, they were driving in from Lancaster and emergency rooms were turning them away.” A lot a patients were struggling to find a dentist that would see them since most dental practice doors were closed. Dr. Martinez never gave up her absolute dedication to the patients that desperately needed her dental professional services.

This reporter asked Dr. Martinez; how would you mitigate the personal risk to yourself and your family during the dangerous time when there were no vaccines and the ADA (American Dental Association) was advising all dentists to close down? Dr. Martinez replied that she adopted the same CDC guidelines for treatment as advised for emergency room hospital workers. Take the patients temperature, require detailed health questionnaires, use all proper sterile equipment as advised by the CDC, etc. Due to the fact there was inadequate testing at the time, Dr. Martinez felt she needed to isolate herself from her family during much of this time period. She stated personal protective gear was very difficult to come by, especially the N95 masks. Throughout this entire ordeal, Dr. Martinez was buoyed by her dedication to her profession and her patients.

With the darkest days of the pandemic behind her she pushed forward with New Smile Dental Studio in 2021. Dr. Martinez realized her prior patients were geographically remote and it would be difficult for them to travel to her new location which is located in central Glendale. Undeterred she stated “If you have a good heart and good ethics, people will follow you.” As the new patients come into New Smile Dental, Dr. Martinez is looking toward the future. “Someday I would like to expand, and open 2 new offices. I love dentistry.” After hearing her story, there is no doubt about that.

Karen Martinez DDS
New Smile Dental Studio
204 E. Chevy Chase Dr., Suite 1
Glendale, CA 91205

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